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Michigan Massage Therapist Licensing

On March 5th, the State held a public hearing on the draft rules for massage therapist licensing. Based on comments received, the Board has revised the draft rules to allow online training in certain specified subjects in addition to the 500 in-class hours required. The revised draft rules are likely to become final within the next few months and then the licensing process will begin. Massage therapists will have two years to obtain their licenses.

As of this March, I am no longer on the Massage Board and so will not be able to keep you apprised of the Board's activities as I have in the past. In addition to massage therapist licensing, the Board will be adopting Continuing Education requirements and, in time, hearing disciplinary matters. If any significant developments occur, I will let you know.  In the meantime, you can always check the Michigan Board of Massage Therapy website for more information.


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Your Connection to News at Tonic | Spring 2012    

Introducing Tonic Manual Therapies!

As of May 1st, Tonic will be known as "Tonic Manual Therapies". This name change is to better reflect my practice and expanding skills. In March, I received certification in Orthopedic Massage from the Orthopedic Massage and Education Research Institute (OMERI). I am also in the midst of training in a form of movement re-education called Practical Movement. These techniques, along with the Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy and range of massage techniques I already use, called for a broader description that I hope Tonic Manual Therapies encompasses. This name will also continue to be relevant as I add other forms of therapy to my skill set. As always, I will keep you posted with developments on that front.

With a new name I will also be introducing new documentation, an updated website, and some new policies and pricing. The new documentation will better enable me to keep track of what we do during your sessions. I will also be better equipped to work with insurance companies when insurance covers the cost of your session. New policies include a revised cancellation policy requiring only 23-hour notice if you need to change your appointment. New pricing is simply to bring Tonic's rates in line with the rest of Northville's massage establishments. You can visit my website for more information

As Tonic Manual Therapies, my mission is to provide you with the best manual therapy for your musculo-skeletal needs. My commitment to you is to use my range of skills and experience to most efficiently and effectively resolve and prevent discomfort and dis-ease. I will continue to expand my knowledge and abilities to that end. Know that, at every session, your health and wellness are my first and only priorities.


Orthopedic Massage and Movement Re-education

Adding orthopedic massage and movement re-education to my practice has expanded your options for therapy and enabled me to more fully assist you with recovery from and prevention of a range of conditions.

Orthopedic massage is the treatment of soft-tissue injuries through the use of orthopedic assessment procedures, physiologically relevant massage techniques and appropriate rehabilitation steps. Through the orthopedic massage certification process, I have improved my problem-solving skills by learning how to assess what may be going on when you come to me with an injury, which massage techniques are best-suited to address your injury, and what rehabilitation protocol is right for your recovery. Training in orthopedic massage will help me to work smarter during our sessions.

Movement re-education is the process of retraining our nervous system to properly move our bodies. Our nervous system controls how we move and hold our bodies by adopting patterns for our movements and posture. If those patterns are faulty, in time they can lead to pain and injury as we sit, stand and move in ways that are not ideal. Movement re-education goes to the core of our movement patterns, retraining how our nervous system coordinates our small movements so these can be used in our larger movements. The movements are surprisingly simple and easy, but their results can be transforming. I am excited to be adding movement re-education to what I can offer you because it complements the rest of my bodywork so well. With movement re-education, you will be better able to prevent the recurrence of the musculo-skeletal conditions that have troubled you. Proper movement is essential to optimal functioning and I look forward to helping you get there.


Shaklee Membership FREE in April

As you know, I make Shaklee products available to you because they have made a meaningful improvement in my health. If you have been thinking about trying Shaklee, now is the time to do it because this month Shaklee is waiving the $19.95 membership fee. By ordering any product, you will get a lifetime membership included. This means 15% off everything — all the time, an additional 10% off selected items on autoship, receipt of special offers and promotions, your own web center where you can browse the catalog and keep track of your orders, and, of course, my assistance in answering any questions and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your Shaklee experience.  All Shaklee products come with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

To get started, go to my website, do your shopping, and when you checkout you will be given a free membership! It's that simple. And if you have any questions, please get in touch.

A Time of Renewal

Spring is such an exciting time of year! Everything is growing, everyone seems cheerier as the weather warms and the days get longer. I am so glad to be renewing my business at the same time nature is awakening the plants and animals from their winter slumber. The energy that drives this regeneration is powering my efforts and filling me with an optimism about the future. What a glorious time to be making changes.

I hope this season of growth brings much positive renewal to you and your loved ones.